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Hoya Gunung Gading



Hoya Gunung Gading was discovered in Gunung Gading National Park in Sarawak, Borneo Island, Malaysia. It has some of the most decorative leaves in the finlaysonii complex of Hoyas.

Hoya Gunung Gading is a finlaysonii type Hoya with beautiful leaves which are quite different from other clones of Hoya callistophylla. Hoya Gunung Gading has MUCH more prominent veining on its leaves and the veins don’t seem to fade as the leaf gets older. The leaves on this plant are also much thinner than the leaves on other callistophylla clones. These leaves almost feel “card-like” when compared to other callistophyllas.

The secret of growing this plant is to not over water it, keep it warm and constantly humid, and very little direct sun.One day it will look like it is thriving and the next can look like its on death s doorstep. Gading will turn red in br ight winter sunlight.

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