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Hoya Kentiana Variegata


Hoya Kentiana ‘Variegata’ is a rare indoor succulent vine. This plant is admired because of its unique foliage. The leaves are splendid with a waxy surface and variegated pink color in the beginning. By the time, the pink leaves get mature and turn into faded green and white variegation. The plant produces vibrant fragrant flowers in shades of red and fuchsia.

The Hoya Kentiana ‘Variegata’ is a succulent/cactus in nature. These are evergreen, epiphyte, or terrestrial, perennial vines with trailing growth pattern. The plant and its leaves are non-toxic, unlike the other family members. It is a quick grower and can grow pretty long. Consequently, you need to cut the portions of the vine without damaging it. Moreover, it grows by taproots as the underground structure. The leaves of the plant are thick and lanced shaped. Initially, the leaves are variegated pink. While on maturity, the leaves get variegated white with dark green edges.

Hoya Kentiana ‘Variegata’ is a rare vine with its unique and beautiful leaves. The newly developed leaves are variegated pink. On maturity, they turn white and variegated green. This low maintenance and the non-toxic vine is beautiful enough to decorate any corner of your house or office.

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