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Hoya Rotundiflora


Hoya Rotundiflora is an epiphytic plant that originates from Thailand and is considered to be a veiny plant. Hoya Rotundiflora got the name of “Rotundiflora” because of its round foliage.

Hoya Rotundiflora has multiple flowers that are hanging upright. The flowers are white in color, with a pink center. They are star-shaped and grow in clusters, which makes them look like they are made of wax. The flower has a fuzzy appearance due to the tiny hairs that cover the surface of the flower. These flowers have a heavy scent that is sweet.

Hoya Rotundiflora has very basic plant care. All it needs is to be kept in a well-draining pot, with fertile soil that is high in nitrogen because it helps the flowers to bloom. This plant also loves to bathe in bright, indirect sunlight but can tolerate direct sunlight to a limit as well.

Hoya Rotundiflora thrives in USDA hardiness zone 10a.

Hoya Rotundiflora brings beauty to the garden that no other plant is capable of doing. This plant has everything to offer to gardeners that love tiny blossoms and fuzzy leaves that can bring a charm into their indoor interior. The best part about this plant is how easy it is to grow.

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