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Hoya Calistophylla


Are you looking for a succulent climber with beautiful thick leaves and clusters of tiny flowers? Hoya callistophylla is an evergreen plant popular for indoor ornamentation. It is native to many Asian countries, specifically Malaysia and Thailand. Tough leaves with shades of green and small clusters of fragrant flowers are the center of attraction and admiration. This climber makes beautiful hanging baskets and totem supported terrestrial pots.

Hoya callistophylla is a terrestrial or epiphytic perennial vine, 6 to 12 feet in length. The evergreen succulent leaves are light green in color with prominent dark green veins. The flowers are small in size, light yellow with brown borders. Furthermore, numerous tiny fragrant flowers join to form a cluster on peduncle tips. This is an easy to care popular houseplant and makes beautiful hanging baskets.

This is a low-maintenance plant. Thus, you can enjoy this Hoya baby without any strict care and hustle.

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