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Our thoughts on raising beautiful plants


Say Hello to a Hoya

Hoyas, otherwise known as wax plants or porcelain flowers, are seeing a surge in popularity as houseplants—and all for good reason! Hoyas have the potential to become an extremely popular and mainstream houseplant largely for a few reasons—one of which we already mentioned—which are their lovely inflorescences, which are reminiscent of cake decorations expertly crafted out of fondant icing. 

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The Hoya Care Guide

Hoya plants are some of the easiest indoor houseplants to care for. They are slow-growing vining plants native to tropical and subtropical Asia. They are also known as Wax plants due to their thick and shiny foliage. As Hoyas mature, they produce clusters of sweet-smelling star-shaped flowers. Use these instructions to care for a Hoya. This guide will tell you how to water a Hoya; its light, temperature, humidity preferences and any additional care it might need to help it grow.

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Hoya Is the 70’s Houseplant That’s Making a Comeback

1970’s classic houseplant, hoya is making a comeback in a big way and for good reason. This easy-care low-water succulent thrives indoors and will even flower when grown in just-right conditions.

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Hoyas as Houseplants

Hoyas, also known as wax plants or porcelain flowers, have again become popular in recent years. These houseplants quickly became the favorite of plant collectors—as the genus provides much variation in leaf shape, color, and blooms. A short visit to Instagram or Pinterest will provide the houseplant owner with incredible images and information that may lead one down the path of becoming a “Hoya Hoarder.”
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