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Hoya Rebecca


Hoya ‘Rebecca’ is a cross between Hoya lacunosa Langawi Island x Hoya obscura. It was created in Thailand and no one seems to know who created the cultivar, and whether H. obscura, or H. lacunosa bore the seedpod. Hoya Rebecca has a sister cultivar named Rachel.

Hoya ‘Rebecca’ is a climbing cultivar with medium sized leaves which react significantly to sun-stressing. In a shaded environment the light green waxy leaves may not appear to be anything special, however when exposed to sun, or when new growth emerges, the leaves produces a rich purple shade, revealing the magnificent veins that dissect the foliage.

The leaves on this hoya are an amazing red color if grown in bright light. The new leaves are often very red and as they age, leaves fade to a nice red tone. The hoya is a cross between Hoya Lacunosa Langkawi and Hoya Obscura. The flowers are small and ball-shaped, pink with a yellow center. The fragrance is light, sweet and fresh.

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