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Hoya Endauensis



Hoya endauensis was only discovered in 1985. The plant was found on the river banks of the Ulu Endau River in Johor, Malaysia. It grew in the shade and is considered to be very rare and endangered in its native habitat. It was named for the river in which it was found.

This plant has beautiful ruffled green leaves. Hoyas make beautiful houseplants and when cared for properly they bloom parachute clusters of star-shaped, orange and red fuzzy flowers with five-point centers like nothing else!

Small, round, yellow-green ruffled leaves, measuring up to 2cm x 2.5cm, which change from red to green when mature.

Flowers Slightly felted and revoluted vivid orange flowers, 6mm in diameter, with a purple-red corona. Up to 20 flowers per umbel. Pleasantly perfumed.

Light: Requires bright and warm growing conditions.

Humidity: Prefers high humidity.

Water: Prefers well-drained gravelly mix. Water less in winter.

Maintenance: Low. Half strength doses of fertilise in warmer months.

A beautiful plant with sweet pink flowers. Flowers are thick showing in 5 star shapes with light pink all over, touched with an off-white tint at the ends. The remarkable blooms appear in a waxy bright pink which is very shiny once the sun lights it. Leaves are wide, long and waxy look very outstanding look. Sweet and beautiful fragrance.

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