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Hoya Larisa


Hoya Larisa is a very rare hoya and quite difficult to find!

Its another for the foliage fans. Its better to grow this one in bright morning light and keep fairly shaded for the rest of the day. This keeps the color and intensity of the veining much better then when its kept in strong light all the time.

Please note that Hoya Larisa is notorious for not shipping well, please note that shipping stress is highly likely with this plant. We will package with lots of care, but cannot be responsible for shipping stress. Please purchase understanding the nature of this Hoya.

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The “fish-tail Hoya” or the Hoya Polyneura produces narrow and thin leaves. They resemble a fish-tail, hence the nickname. But the leaves aren’t the only thing they produce. They also create gorgeous star-shaped flowers that blow your mind.


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