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Hoya Mathilde Splash



This great Hoya has incredible dark-green, large-oval, almost-round, lightly speckled leaves and rounded hanging clusters of light to pale pink, star-shaped flowers, centred with contrasting purplish-red. In fact, this drought-tolerant Hoya is a great houseplant recommended for even beginner gardeners.

Everything about this cultivar is delightful, from its petite silver-splashed leaves to the gentle sweet fragrance of its baby pink flowers. Flowers early and often.

Flat, pubescent, baby pink, star-shaped flowers, up to 15mm in diameter, with red-centred, baby pink corona. Up to 16 flowers per umbel. Nectar producing. Sweet fragrance. Flowers last up to 5 days. Flowers early and often.

Compact vine suited for trellis growing or hanging basket. Thick and waxy, green leaves with plentiful splash, measuring 2cm x 1.5cm.

Flowers well in lots of bright, indirect light.

Water thoroughly and allow to dry out. Prefers well-drained loose potting mix. Water less in winter.

Low. Half strength doses of fertiliser in growing period.

Grow in a pot on a small trellis or in a hanging basket and let it trail over the pot’s edge. ‘Mathilde’ is a delightful addition to any indoor growing space.

Will be posted bare root in some sphagnum moss.

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